Epoxy flooring is simple to maintain, highly stain-resistant and protects concrete against damage – an attractive choice for garages, showrooms and other high traffic areas.

Epoxy flooring is exceptionally sturdy, able to withstand sudden impacts and slippage. Additionally, its smooth surface increases visibility and creates an atmosphere. Furthermore, there are multiple colors and textures available, including metallic mixes.


When looking at installing epoxy flooring in coimbatore in your home or commercial space, it’s essential that you understand that care must be taken in order for it to last a long time. One way of ensuring this is by having them regularly cleaned – an initial deep clean with regular sweep and deep vacuum sessions is recommended – then follow up by calling a professional if you notice any localized breakdowns of coating or small cracks as these could quickly turn into larger issues.

Epoxy flooring’s durability enables it to withstand heavy foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear, shocks and chemicals – something which makes it essential in commercial and industrial spaces where spillages are commonplace.

Epoxy flooring not only boasts exceptional durability, but is also easy to keep hygienic and clean – two essential aspects in school cafeterias where children may not always eat hygienically and food fights may arise from time to time. Epoxy floors also don’t present issues when exposed to oils and brake fluid as the material can easily be cleaned without harming concrete below it.

Epoxy floors are constructed to withstand the weight of forklifts and vehicles, making them an excellent choice for warehouses. Furthermore, epoxy is an ideal choice in workshops where tools, equipment and machinery frequently move across the floor.

Easy Maintenance

Epoxy flooring stands out as one of the primary benefits for its ease of cleaning and maintenance, particularly in warehouses and industrial plants where janitorial staff must frequently sweep, mop, and scrub floors in order to stay compliant with FDA and USDA regulations. This makes epoxy an attractive solution when looking for cost-cutting measures.

Smaller spills and chemicals are easily cleaned up using paper towels or rags, while oily or chemical spills require mild cleaning solutions mixed with water to wash away residue from the floor and rinse away residues from them. For particularly dirty spots, however, more aggressive degreasers may be needed to thoroughly cleanse it all out.

If a large area of floor damage occurs due to dropping heavy equipment or vehicles, it’s crucial that repairs take place as quickly as possible to avoid moisture seepage below the epoxy surface and cause peeling or discolouring of its coating.

An effective way to reduce dirt and dust in your workspace is to regularly sweep your floors, as well as using a walk-behind auto floor scrubber with soft deck brush attachment. This will keep floors cleaner longer while decreasing repair or replacement costs. Furthermore, placing mats at entryways may also help limit how much debris enters.


Epoxy floor coatings are extremely eco-friendly. Unlike tiles or wood floors that require saws to cut them and regular replacement, epoxy flooring can simply be rolled out onto existing concrete and simply needs maintenance in order to stay looking its best – something which makes this material particularly suitable for older buildings where maintenance may be difficult to keep up with.

Epoxy floors are highly hygienic, easy to maintain, and resistant to chemicals. Not only are they waterproof but their reflective nature enables sunlight to brighten a room more naturally so less powered lighting needs to be used – saving money on energy bills as well as decreasing environmental impacts from electricity use.

Epoxy floors are free from toxic materials like isocyanates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which have been linked to sick building syndrome, skin and lung damage and even death among sensitized individuals. VOCs released during application will quickly dissipate once polymerization occurs – making epoxy floors 100 percent eco-friendly.

This is particularly important in high-traffic, public spaces like school cafeterias. Children may not always be the tidiest eaters; thus their dining rooms must feature durable flooring that’s easy to keep clean while withstanding an occasional food fight – this is why many schools opt for epoxy floors over carpets.


Epoxy options give homeowners the ability to add their personal style to their floors, such as Roll On Rock’s extensive selection of flake sizes and color treatments that allows them to customize the perfect look for their space.

This nonporous coating makes cleanup of spills fast and simple, as well as resisting scratches and dents – perfect for high traffic areas! Additionally, this floor is easy to sweep or mop.

Epoxy has another advantage that sets it apart: the ability to prevent rust. This is especially useful in industrial settings; for example, in shops specializing in metal fabrication. When applied as a barrier between metal fabrication equipment and concrete floors, epoxy acts as an anticorrosive seal.

Locker rooms and public restrooms are among the many spaces where an epoxy floor makes an excellent choice. These environments need durable floors that withstand heavy foot traffic without becoming damaged from moisture exposure; epoxy is an ideal choice.

Metallic finishes for epoxy floors offer another option, adding shimmering shimmers that create an eye-catching shimmer that makes any space more dramatic.

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