Bathroom fittings are the finishing touches that add lavishness and character to your bath space. From vanity units to Italian showers, bath accessories can increase market value while reflecting your individuality and showing your creativity.

Villeroy & Boch offers numerous bath hardware items as self-adhesive products for easy installation of taps, washbasins and toilets without tools or drilling. These allow quick mounting without hassle!


Bathroom faucets can make an incredible impact in a room and add an air of luxury to any space. Available in an array of styles and finishes to match any decor scheme, there are faucets for every style including gooseneck designs, minimalist forms or traditional knob handles that add classic style.

Universal Agency Erode Bath fittings can be found at hardware stores, lumberyards, home centers or bath-remodeling showrooms; online vendors may also carry them. When buying online from wholesalers with an excellent track record among contractors and plumbers. You’ll get more accurate product details as well as advice for which product works best in your water conditions than reading through product packaging alone.

Consider how many holes exist in your sink or vanity and which types of faucets best suit the space available to you – for instance, center set faucets fit 3-hole sinks but come equipped with only one handle and deck plate to cover all three holes; they are an ideal option for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms.


Elegant bath accessories such as shower channels and heads can add an extra dimension to the decor of any bathroom. Designed to direct water toward its destination, these can be personalized to match the finish of your space for the best look possible.

Soap dishes are essential bathroom accessories that help organize and store all of your bath essentials, such as soap and toothbrushes. There are various styles available – with some having holders to make them easy to hold and use.

Towel bars are an essential feature of modern bathrooms, enabling users to efficiently store their towels. You can attach these bars directly to walls, cabinets or furniture in your bathroom and find designs and sizes tailored to suit any decor style and personal taste.

Luxury bathroom accessories can create a more elegant, refined environment in any space, elevating it to an elevated state of chicness. Jaquar Continental, Kubrix Prime and Queen’s toilet accessories collections offer a selection of contemporary styles perfect for every bathroom design and decor theme.


Though their designs vary considerably over time, toilets remain mostly the same over centuries. Most contemporary models are constructed from porcelain known as vitreous china – this clay material is fired twice to achieve an opaque glassy surface which makes it both stain and scratch-proof and stain-resistant, making it the ideal material for toilets.

Ancient peoples conducted their business on stone benches. With time came squat toilets; today most homes feature flush toilets which can be used either seated or squatting positions.

Modern toilets are designed to be easy to maintain, water efficient and quiet, with features like dual flushing, heating seat or bi-filet bidding functionality offering added comfort features.

Toilets come in both back-to-wall designs where the cistern sits within an enclosed cavity of a bathroom wall and wall hung models, with the latter more modern designs featuring high up on the wall hung cisterns that are easier to sanitize due to no gap between pan and wall; both models may feature exposed or skirted tramways for optimal functionality.


Sinks are a focal point in any bathroom and should reflect the style and design of its surroundings. There is an array of materials, shapes, and colors available that can complement the overall theme and decor of any given bathroom.

Porcelain sinks are widely popular due to their durability and wide array of colors available. Other popular options are ceramic-enameled cast iron sinks which can be painted to suit the decor or fireclay/ceramic, which offers greater resilience against chipping than porcelain does.

Stone sinks have become increasingly popular in home bathrooms and come in an assortment of colors and styles. While long-term, regular maintenance is required to prevent chipping and staining.

Glass bathroom sinks come in many different shapes and sizes. Vessel-style models require high-grade composite material that resists heat damage and stains; glass can also be etched, glazed or frosted for texture or visual interest; resin offers more of a natural stone-like appearance while being easy to maintain and clean up after.


Small accessories for the bathroom such as towel bars, toilet paper holders and robe hooks help organize and optimize bathroom spaces. In addition, these decorative touches add another dimension of function; there are designs to match any interior decor theme.

Towel rails are essential bathroom accessories in every household. Not only can they add style to the bathroom space, they provide an easy and stylish place for hanging towels or clothing, they come in various sizes to meet different weight capacities and can hold a significant load – choose between single or double rail configurations depending on what works best for your family!

Cup holders are an essential addition to washbasins. These holders provide storage space for small utensils like toothbrushes, toothpaste, tongue cleaners, razors, and tweezers – as well as providing architectural detailing like curves or carvings which evoke colonial architecture style. Furthermore, Jaquar bathroom & toilet accessories have an elegant swivel towel holder which makes use of every inch of bathroom space available.

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