Once the days of dry summer heat begin to transform into the foggy mornings and rainy evenings of fall, it’s time to prep your Jeep Wrangler JL for the approaching weather changes. This often means investing in new basics like windshield wipers and weatherproof floor mats, or changing out dim or faulty headlight bulbs for greater visibility.
However, you also need to consider making bigger improvements to the exterior frame of your Jeep that may otherwise be overlooked, to improve the safety and comfort of you and your passengers on the road during the upcoming colder, wetter seasons. In order to prepare for the impending elements, consider upgrading your Jeep with these valuable, high-quality parts that are sure to give you peace of mind for the rough rides ahead. 
A Removable Soft Top
If the clear sunny days are still lingering in your area, you may wish to keep your Jeep’s soft top off for a little longer. However, you don’t want to be caught off guard by any surprise rainstorms that could not only dampen your day, but potentially ruin the interior of your vehicle. Opt for one of the best removable Jeep soft tops on the market to get the best of both worlds. This allows you to leave it off during clear weather, and simply pop it back on once rain begins to show up in the forecast.
Whether you need a simple canvas replacement soft top with windows to step in for your previous one, or you’d like to switch from a hard top for a complete new soft top and frame setup, you can adjust your Jeep accordingly to suit your particular needs. Soft tops provide plenty of benefits, such as easy maintenance, convenient storage and long-term versatility. Fortunately, if you do find that your current soft top has a tear or rip in its fabric and you need a quick upgrade, you can find very affordable replacements that won’t leave you pinching pennies. 
Wheels for Better Traction
Another essential Jeep must-have for unexpected rainy days is a strong and dependable set of wheels and tires for ideal traction in slippery conditions. Your Jeep’s suspension and wheels do the most work for you when you’re navigating through inclement weather, especially when your ride is equipped with all-terrain or muddy terrain tires that are designed to handle the roadways in such situations. Overall, if the tread on your tires has seen better days or you’d like to prepare for the season by updating your bolts or rims, the onset of the fall season is the best time to make these upgrades. 
While you’re shopping for wheels, you should also think about installing or replacing a heavy-duty bumper or two onto the front and back of your Jeep for additional buffers. Jeep bumpers provide you with greater protection should you find yourself in a collision with other drivers or in an off-roading accident out in wild terrain. Regardless of the location, bumpers are crucial for optimizing your Jeep’s security. 
Upgrading your Jeep is the safest option for you and your loved ones, especially before bad weather sets in. Take the plunge and install fresh parts and accessories onto your Jeep today.  

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