October 1, 2023
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The best hashtags for Instagram Reels on any topic

Every Instagrammer wants their followers on Instagram smartphone to light up every second with like and comment notifications after posting a Reels video on their account. It’s very satisfying, right? Wouldn’t you love to get millions of views, like Instagram star Khaby Lame and likes on your Reels videos without any paid promotion? The good news is, there is a way to become very popular organically — by using hashtags for Instagram Reels. click here

In this guide, I’ll cover all questions concerning hashtags on Instagram Reels videos. Where to get them, how to use them mindfully, and even ready-to-use sets of hashtags for the 2022 promotion.


Reels is the format of viral but long-staying Instagram content that allows you to post searchable hashtags.

Instagram Reels Hashtags

Instagram formats for posting links and hashtags:

  • posts, you can use searchable hashtags, but can’t post links.
  • Stories, it is vice versa: you can post links, but no searchable hashtags.
  • Reels instagram hashtags you can specify thematic searchable keywords to promote the video, but you can’t post a link in the caption too.
  • And even more, Instagram shows your Reels in the search. If you have specified a hashtag For Reels video, it will be shown as a separate part of the Instagram search result.

Note: There is a new Instagram search feature now. Reels search is a new separate part of the Instagram search. So now, when you use hashtags in your Reels video, you can automatically make it searchable organically. get paid followers on instagram

make it easy to navigate on your page

There are not many businesses shooting Reels on Instagram right now. I mean that only 20% of Instagram business accounts use Reels for promotion, and not even half of them put hashtags under their Reels. You can capitalize on this fact because putting hashtags under your Reels is a great way to promote. That’s how clients can find you. Don’t forget to follow the latest Instagram 2022 trends to be on top.

Lifehack: Write hashtags that your potential target audience may be looking for. I used the hashtag #lollipopchicago and noticed that only I used this hashtag, even though we have a lot of confectioners in the city. It turns out that my Instagram content shows the very first under this hashtag. Since this is a Reels, it is displayed on the top. And after that, there are publications in the search. Which, by the way, is 1,000+. The client searching this hashtag is more likely to open the Reels first. After all, this is a dynamic video. The product can be seen from different angles. The other publications lose out in this regard.

You can also occupy your niche using hashtags and get customers through Reels.

How to add a clickable link to Reels

Links cannot be specified in the description of Reels. They will not be clickable. However, an auto-reply service for Instagram Direct can work around this problem. Encourage subscribers to write you a specific word or key in Instagram Direct. Then the automated system will send the link — and additional text, if necessary — in 4 seconds.

Set up auto-replies

I write something like “to get a link, write ‘link’ in DM” in the description of the Reel. And I configure the Instagram Direct service by Inflact to reply with a link to any message containing the keyword “link.”


The allowed number of hashtags in Reels is 30. There is also a limit to hashtags in Instagram when posting Reels. You can insert a maximum of 30 hashtags. Here, it is the same rule as in the posts: hashtags should have clear relevance to the theme of the video; otherwise, users may hide you from their feed by putting “not interested in this.”

Note: It is ok to put around 8-15 hashtags, but strictly on the topic.

Reels videos on Instagram

To make it easier to insert hashtags, look at Reels on a similar topic and take those hashtags into account. How many hashtags do Instagram Reels of your competitors contain? What are they? By doing a little research on your Instagram rivals, you can see the strategy more clearly.

“If people ask me how many hashtags to use on Instagram Reels, I always say — as many relevant hashtags as you can find, but no more than 30. Every tag under your video is a great opportunity to reach a potential client. Never disregard using viral hashtags for Instagram Reels.”


Hashtags are an important part of the free organic promotion of Reels videos, and their importance has increased even more now, as Instagram has added a new section in the hashtag search.

In addition to the “top” and “recent” sections, Instagram users now have a “Video Reels” section.

There is a three-step instruction for how to put hashtags in Instagram Reels:

Go to the Reels creation mode (the “+” button) and choose or shoot the video. Don’t forget to add trending music on Reels video.

You can specify hashtags directly on the video using the “add text” button.

But it is better to specify hashtags in the description of the Reels before its publication.

Click “Share” to release the video to the feed.

Note: I recommend adding two types of hashtags to your videos: very popular high-frequency hashtags and thematic ones related directly to your video.


As soon as the Reels function became available to Instagram account owners, everyone noted the effectiveness of this tool. At the same time, as with any kind of content, you need to pay attention to metrics.

Reels statistics in Instagram can be viewed exclusively in the mobile application.

“To get access to statistical data for Reels, you need to register a creator account or business account.“

If you switch to a professional account (either creator or business), you will get access to insights – just not stats from before you made the switch. buy followers on instagram

Where to view Reels statistics

Let’s consider two ways to view Reels statistics on Instagram. You can do this using the video menu directly, or the account statistics tab.

To view the statistics of your video, you need to click on the three dots icon at the bottom right of the screen.

In the second option, using the account metrics to view statistical data on Reels, you need to go to the category “Content that you have published.” First, you need to select a time interval (thanks to the new Instagram update, it is now possible to set user parameters). Then go to the Reels section. You can sort the videos from new to old or in reverse order. Specify the metric you want to study and again the period.

cool Reels cover

Just like in the Stories and IGTV categories, a separate place is allocated for the Reels format in the general account metrics. Next, we will look at all the calculations in more detail to find out how the Reels statistics differ in Instagram.

  • The main Reels metrics in Instagram
  • Statistical calculations on Reels are divided into two types: coverage and engagement.
  • The Reach metric shows the number of unique users who have viewed a particular video.
  • The Plays metric shows how many times the video has been viewed.
  • Interaction statistics show the number of Likes that Reels have received on Instagram.

Let’s note one interesting point. If desired, you can hide the number of views and likes in the publication feed (this feature is available to every user of the social network). At the same time, if you go to the Reels tab in Instagram, the video statistics will still be available to all users:

Comments – their number under the video.

Shares are relatively new indicators if you compare Reels with Stories, IGTV sections, or posts in the feed. It can be noted that the algorithms used for Reels on Instagram are the same as in TikTok.

Save statistics. Just like for posts, data on the number of saves is available for Reels.

Instagram does not yet have a separate tab with popular hashtags, as in TikTok. And it’s not certain that one will appear. There are three ways to search for great hashtags:

Hashtags for Reels search method #1

Use common trending tags that include the words “reels”: #reels, #reelsinstagram, #reelsviral, #reelsovers, #reelsofinstagram, #reelsvideos, #reelstrending.

Such tags can be found in the recommendations tab (magnifying glass icon), labels section.

More trending hashtags for Reels can be found here: Hashtag trends.

Use this tool to find more trending hashtags in a few clicks. You don’t need to log in, but you can still tick any hashtag you like and gather a selection of cool hashtags for any topic

Fresh hashtags

The disadvantage of the method is that Instagram users have not learned how to use hashtags for their intended purpose. As a result, a lot of content that is not related to Reels, for example, photos, comes across in the output for these tags. You will have to sort through all this “garbage” to find the gems you are looking for. Therefore, in addition to using trending tags, you need to promote your own branded tags.

Hashtags for Reels search method #2

In this method, we look at which videos are already in the Reels recommendations and take tags from there. This is a more realistic way to find popular hashtags for recommendations. But it is rather difficult to follow. By the way, you can download Reels from Instagram to reuse on your profile or just save forever on your device.

Note: Whatever hashtags you use, every word should be aimed at the target audience. You don’t need to take the first popular tag that comes along. For example, if you have a cosmetics store, you don’t need to put the #travel tag just because it got caught in the recommended videos. followers on instagram

Hashtags for Reels search method #3

This is the best method to get lots of relevant hashtags for your Reels video. Just use the Hashtag Generator. This is the ultimate method to find suitable and mindful sets of hashtags for every piece of video you have.

How to generate great hashtags for Instagram Reels

  • Open the hashtag tool.
  • Type the main keyword about your Reels post.
  • Tap “generate.”
  • Tick 30 hashtags that you think are suitable for your Reel.
  • Tap Copy in the window with all your selected hashtags in the right corner.
  • Paste the copied hashtags in the Reels post.

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