Deston is the latest map in PUBG: Battlegrounds. It’s available on both PC and consoles. The map includes unique features such as the utility parachute and Ascenders, which allow players to move quickly around the dense map. However, the PUBG team has teased more features for future experiments.

Deston features and details were discussed in some of the stream prior to the map’s release. The developers stated that they would be investigating additional weather effects. However, not much was revealed about them. We spoke with Dave Curd, PUBG’s creative director, to learn more about their plans for weather effects and the upcoming tests which will include dynamic time of the day and improved storms.

Curd answered a question about weather testing plans and said, “We are investigating dynamic time of day. Imagine launching a match at dawn and then transitioning to high noon during the match.” We are also looking at ways to increase storms/rain.

These tests might not produce results that are worth adding to the Deston map later on, but the Ascenders as well as the Utility Parachute will remain permanent fixtures in Deston. These mobility features are only currently available on the Deston map. However, like other parts of PUBG the team is open for the possibility of bringing them elsewhere. Curd specifically mentioned Miramar as a map that could benefit from these features.

Curd stated that the new movement mechanics would only be available to Deston in the near future. Curd said that they are always looking at the feedback from players and will determine if these mechanics will be adapted to other maps. They allow players to drop out of the center. This could be a great way for Miramar to breathe new life into it.

The new Deston map for PUBG is now available on PC and console.

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