September 30, 2023

Top 5 Most Expensive Flowers on the Planet and Reason why they are so expensive

Top 5 Most Expensive Flowers on the Planet and Reason why they are so expensive

Flowers are the most preferred gift to give to your loved one as; they are already a precious gift of nature to humans.  Flowers are something that comes first in the mind for any special occasion like Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, or any festival that is important to you. Now a day’s gifting flowers are in trend and you should send some too but not because it is in trend but because flowers have the ability to convey your unsaid feelings in the most beautiful way. 

Most Expensive Flowers on the Planet

The ongoing demand for the flowers is resulting in some increase in their prices also that is why here we are going to give you detail about the most expensive flowers on the world that you can gift you your loved one and make them feel like the king or princess of the world.

1 Hydrangea – Approx $20 per bundle


Hydrangea is one of the most beautiful flowers on the planet and found rarely which makes it a little costly as these are only found in eastern Asian countries like Japan and China. There are around 75 species of hydrangea but you should avoid eating it as it is moderately poisonous. It will make a magnificent selection if you aspire to send flowers to Delhi. In Asia, if you are giving hydrangea as a gift that means you are very close to their heart which meant you are the beat to their heart. It takes much handwork and extra care to cultivate this beautiful flowering plant this become one of the most expensive flowers in the world. 

2 Kadupul Flower – The Queen of the night 

kudupal flowers.jpg

The kadupul flower also called the queen of the night in India in Hindi often called “Raat Rani”. Do you know why it is called the queen of the night? Because it blooms in the middle of the night it starts blooming between 10pm -11pm and once all the buds are revealed it releases a sweet light fragrance and then starts to bloom on full moon night. These plants and flowers only found in Sri Lanka and even rare there that is why Kadupul flower is one of the most costly flowers to gift. 

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3 Lilys of the Valley – Approx $50 per bundle


Lilies of the belly are small bell-shaped flowers usually white in color. They only bloom in the month of May that is why the supply of this flower is rare and what makes it a little expensive than other flowers site because of the little supply to the market. It is said that it brings luck in love life and that is why it becomes the prior choice for the couple to gift each other which increased their market demands. Found in Asia and Europe and export to the whole world and comes in an expensive flower list. 

4 Juliet Roses – (Approx $25 per bundle)

juliet rose.jpg

Do you know Juliet roses were invented by a human? Yes, It is developed by a man named David Austin and costing him 4 million and hard work of 15 years as Juliet rose was fully developed in 15 years and introduced in the flower market in the year 2006. This is one of the rare, Romantic, and most expensive flowers ever produced. 

5 Gold of Kinabalu Orchid – (6000$ per piece)

gold of kinabu.jpg

The high rate is justified as around 70,000 flowers are needed to extract 1 pound of Saffron.  This is the largest flower in the orchid species. It grows up to 6. Its plant takes exactly 15 years or more to get flowers on them this is what makes it costlier than other flowers.

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