From Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ to Netflix’s ‘See What’s Next’ – well-crafted calls to pop up banner action never fail to attract our attention. A call to action (CTA) is a creative message that entices your consumers and tells them exactly what to do. These creative messages should evoke strong and immediate responses from your target customers.

According to industry experts, marketing messages that don’t have strong CTAs fail to influence customers. Such incomplete marketing materials give customers the chance to look at other brands. Creating a well-designed pop up banner to entice your target audiences is one thing. But, if the banners don’t feature strong CTAs, they won’t lead to sales or conversions.  

Creating Strong, Creative, and Persuasive CTAs for Banners

There are some fundamentals of marketing communications that you need to apply to your custom banners.

  • There are no universal templates for highly-persuasive CTAs. Creativity is king. You can tell your target audiences to take specific actions in many different ways.
  • Whatever you do, never leave it up to your target customers to decide what to do next. Give them clear instructions regarding what you want them to do.
  • Keep the text short, to the point, and simple. Don’t fill up the bottom regions of your custom pop-up banners with walls of text.

Here are 4 secret techniques on how to apply these fundamental rules to the CTAs in your pop-up banners –

Focus on Creating Compelling Sentences

Your CTA must compel target audiences to take specific actions. Use words that explicitly appeal to interests. Ask yourself – what problems do your target customers have and what solutions can you offer to them? Answer this simple question in your CTA. Tell them specifically what they will get if they take the action you’re asking them to take. Here are some examples –

  • Get a 40% discount on this new product by calling this number.
  • Call now for a free consultation.
  • Buy Now by visiting our website and get a 30% discount.

Use these types of CTAs in your pop-ups to make them more compelling.

Highlight the Action

Get a free product. Join our mailing list now. Get 50% off at checkout. Call now for instant access. Do you notice how action-oriented these CTAs are? They consist of trigger words i.e., words/phrases that trigger consumers into taking specific actions. Make sure the CTAs on your custom-printed banners feature these essential motivational elements for target audiences.

Write in First Person Only

In CTAs, words like “You” or “Your” always sound more effective. Writing in the first person makes the target audience feel comfortable with the brand. Here’s an example –

  • “Get this free book.”
  • “Get your free book.”

Doesn’t the second CTA seem warmer and more likable?

Create an Urgency

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of supply and demand – even little children. If the perceived availability of a product/service decreases demand automatically increases. So, injecting a sense of urgency into the CTAs on your banners can improve your conversion rates. Offer deals that expire in a limited time. Mention that your products may be unavailable soon.

Use these techniques to custom-print highly effective CTAs on your promotional banners!

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