Under-the-counter water purifiers have become a popular choice these days with people shying away from the usual under-sink options. They are gaining popularity for their unmatched performance and ability to work without hindrance. 

Many professionals, especially chefs and artists, prefer under-the-counter purifiers over the conventional ones because they save up on space and provide their priceless output in a neat manner. And if you are not sure about making the right choice between under-sink water purifiers, here is a list of some of our best picks that will help you make the right decision:

The perfect counter space saver, Under Sink Water Purifiers are discreet and aesthetically pleasing. They work silently, clean your water quickly and efficiently, and don’t take up a lot of room. What more could you ask for?

A water purifier is one of the best things you can install in your kitchen sink. It removes harmful contaminants, chemicals, and unpleasant tastes from your drinking water. And it’s not like you’re compromising on filtration strength. They perform just as skillfully as any other purifier out there. In fact, they can also pack extra firepower with many variations available having large tanks.

Our Kitchen Sink Water Purifier provides much-deserved peace of mind for mom. It’s the perfect gift for moms too! The easy to use TAP and forget design reduces the burden of monitoring the purifier continuously and lets you focus on other tasks while it is doing its job. Add to this an aesthetic appeal in your kitchen and you have two great benefits at a price of one. With this machine, your child can drink clean water without any risk to their health or immunity due to lead-contaminated or bacteria-infected water etc.

KENT Excell Plus

Kent Excell Plus water purifier uses a dual ceramic sheet for the perfect combination of taste and purity. It’s the only water purifier that uses the patented mineral RO technology, which makes it suitable for all kinds of purification with its TDS controller. Providing 100% safe water by getting rid of even the finest impurities, such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts.

The Kent Excell Plus is perfect for those who want a water purifier that doesn’t just perform efficiently; but also looks good. With its sleek aesthetics, this purifier is ideal for any modern home. Unsurprisingly, the 7-litre storage capacity is top of the line. All the while utilising Kent’s ‘double-purification’ of RO + UV/UF. When it comes to certifications, The Kent Excell Plus has been tried and tested by world-class laboratories such as WQA (United States), NSF (United States), ISI (India) etc. Guaranteeing trust from the public as well as professionals.

KENT Sterling Plus

The ultimate in water purifiers, the Kent Sterling Plus utilises the latest technological innovations to give you healthy drinking water with a rich mineral content. Its built-in processor intelligently removes finer impurities, even after very fine filtration. The TDS Controller retains essential natural minerals in purified water, giving you 100% pure, safe and natural tasting water.

The high-quality RO/UF+UV removes all impurities from your water, meanwhile producing a tastier and sweeter end-product of fresh, safe water. The double purification of RO/UF+UV manages to deal with any and all traces of Arsenic, Rust, and other chemicals, bacteria and viruses. 100% safely and purely filtered, KENT allows you to drink liquid gold in the comfort of your home or office.

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