October 1, 2023

Our wooden windows stand for dignified living comfort and coziness in your own four walls.

Due to the natural, heat-insulating properties, wooden windows are superior to other window constructions in this respect.

With our MAS Home Improvement wooden windows, we offer you extensive options for composing your individual window, regardless of whether it is a casement window, arched window, triangular gable window, sophisticated corner solution or large format.

There are no limits to your ideas!


As much as we love the sun, sometimes it should stay outside. Namely when it gets too hot or the UV rays damage our floors and furniture. MAS Home Improvement has different sun protection systems ready for this. Everything can be perfectly combined with insect protection.


A mild summer evening – we open our doors and windows, let in fresh air and scents … and unfortunately some gnats too! It doesn’t have to be, because after all, MAS Home Improvement has various effective insect protection measures ready for you.


Life is a request concert. MAS Home Improvement endeavors to respond to individual requests, regardless of whether they are arched windows, lattice windows or large-format windows and doors.


Glass, a frame all around, a handle – it looks pretty simple, such a window from MAS Home Improvement, and the doors too. At first glance maybe. But don’t be fooled!


This is how life can be with MAS Home Improvement windows and doors! For a comfortable and smooth everyday life with products from MAS Home Improvement.


The day of decision. A window or a door can have been made no matter how carefully. Improper installation can ruin everything.


MAS Home Improvement windows and doors are more than just the sum of their parts. And yet: only those who do not make any compromises when choosing raw materials can ultimately produce an excellent product in Maryland.


A cozy atmosphere can only prevail where you feel safe. MAS Home Improvement windows and doors have a high security level by default. For those who want to further optimize this level, MAS Home Improvement has a number of additional facilities available.

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